Speaking of consistency…

Well, I guess I answered the question “will I keep up with [my  blog]?” by my absence of seven months from writing here.  Heck, writing period.  I’ve received the wordpress.com e-mails, and continue to delete the reminders on my phone, but it took a fellow blogger to bring me back: my sister.  She sent me a link for her blog: madmelsblog.wordpress.com, and I grabbed a minute to myself to read.  Her thoughts, hillarious and intriguing all at the same time.  I was always the “writer” in the family, but it is definitely a talent she possesses as well.  If I don’t make it big with my book (the one that sits on a tall shelf in my mind – I’m just too afraid to take it off and actually WRITE it down), I’ll be content to know that she will when she does the same – the writing of the book in her mind, that is.  Sounds kind of crazy now that that is out.

Instead of boring people to death with what has happened over the course of the last seven months, I shall summarize.  I decided to teach 8th grade English.  I had my baby.  It is a girl; we named her Devin Louise.  I found out two days after Christmas I would not be returning to work and teaching.  I came back to work and started as an administrative assistant.  I was torn up about not teaching, but now I’m okay.  My husband got a new job – also, not teaching.  I don’t have to bring work home.  He doesn’t have to bring work home.  We are happy parents.  After the kids are in bed, we have time to talk, watch TV together, play Scrabble, write (well, I write when I remember to write, or I’m not too tired), and other fun adult activities in which married people partake.

I think I’ll leave it at that last thought tonight.  I, like my sister, am going to “do what I want.”  I’m not going to hate myself for not writing for seven months.  I’ll be a writer regardless if it gets down on paper or posted to the web.  I write in my head and I know my thoughts are important.  The day will come when I will get them all out (well, most) and it is okay if it doesn’t happen before I turn thirty, which coincidentally is in seven months…how’s that for consistency?