Neighbors: Shaming Myself for Not Neighbor Networking

I haven’t done much lately in regards to the neighbor project, short of walking to my mailbox and hoping I catch someone’s glance so I can start up a follow-up conversation. I almost had a Tupperware party – yeah, they still exist! – and had invited my cell-phone-number-possessing neighbor to the would be party, until I had to cancel so I could study for a final exam. Grr! That would have been the perfect opportunity.

I’m having a garage sale this Saturday, so maybe that will lure them in, which sounds creepy and outdoorsman-like at the same time. It is so hard to go out and so easy to just remain complacent, adopting the mantra, “they’ll come to me!”

I know that isn’t the point of this lesson God is teaching me. I have to unshell and be confident, even when it seems like there is no way I can.