To Do List: Pray

When you need to do something, but you really don’t know how to start it, what do you end up doing?

I ponder.  I think over and over about the right words I need to say or write.  I sit on my task and think of all possible scenarios before I leap.  This “reaction” to pressing duties is in part why my Neighbor Project has just taken so long.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much for myself in this last year.  Yet, in comparison to what many other people accomplish in a year, it doesn’t measure up.  There is a constant battle within myself, in which I listen to Satan’s words telling me that I can’t do or shouldn’t do what God is urging me to do. 

Can I not think of a better phrase than “to do?”  Two simple words; two simple words that my five-year-old can read because they are so basic, but to act on them is mountainous. 

These are the times when building one’s self up with the Holy Word, praise music, and prayer are the most dire.  When you have found that your words fall short, just pray. 

God will find you…me….in the words you(I) speak that aren’t as eloquent as those you(I) think you(I) could write. 

When you need to do something, but you really don’t know how to start it, you pray for God’s intervention and He will answer.


Neighbors: An Act of Mercy

Personal photo taken in Jerusalem, November 1999

Personal photo taken in Jerusalem, November 1999

In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan to an expert in the law when the expert asks, “and who is my neighbor?” In conclusion, Jesus asks the expert, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the robbers?” to which the expert replies, “The one who had mercy on him.”

In exploring how to extend my neighbor project, I have found that I don’t have energy to plan elaborate “Egg Hunts” for each season. I’ve hit a road block in creativity of how to gather my neighbors together. However, I have also found myself praying for my neighbors, and the ones who I know names of specifically. I don’t want to be that person that brags about praying, so my thoughts will be limited on this site. Yet, God gave me a revelation that I wanted to share with you who read this blog. I fear it might be commonsense to many and that it won’t seem all too significant to you, but regardless, here it is: Prayer for your neighbors, physical or in daily life, is an act of mercy. I may not be cleaning wounds, but I am lifting up wounds that are in my neighbors’ lives to the powerful hand of our heavenly Father. Even when I don’t know what those wounds may be, I can still ask God to be there for my neighbors.

It is my hope that I can find more specific things in which to pray for my neighbors. Right now, keeping them always present in my mind and on my heart is the best that I am able to do.