Zero to Hero: Day One (Oh, and I’m baaaack!)

When I started my first blog, I just wanted to get my writing “out there.”  I keep telling people when they ask me, “so what do you want to do?” that I want to be a writer.  Sometimes I feel like I am answering the question with “trapeze artist,” “party clown,” or “pole stripper” when I see the looks they give me in response.  So when my blog was really gaining momentum – relative for little ole me, mom to three, working full-time, married full-time, involved in church activities, posting once a month, and working on meeting my neighbors in my neighborhood, I felt like the writer-identity was more of a reality.  I had even found a focus for my blog.

It had been placed on my heart that I needed to meet my neighbors, despite the huge obstacle of my introversion, that I’m not much of a people person, and I’m really not a little neighbor-kid person.  I really tried to even create events for the neighbor kids – an Easter Egg Hunt that went well – to meet parents and a back-to-school Ice Cream Social.  But when the last event failed to have but one family out of the twenty plus houses on our two cul-de-sacs show up, I had been completely defeated.

I couldn’t even blog about my defeat.

I couldn’t write.

I abandoned my blog.

That was August 5, 2013.  

I was doing so well, and then when I didn’t have anything driving me to write I just gave up.  I love to write, but how can I really say that when I have to have something to push me to do it?  So weird.

Goals for Zerotohero are:

  1. Get back into my ability to write without a push – to be able to get back into the natural flow of it, so hopefully by the end of 30 days, that will be a reality – with God’s help – shout out to “Jesus Calling” devotional by Sarah Young, Jan 8.
  2. Reach back out to my neighbors; I really enjoyed the project – I’d like to do it again.
  3. Gain insight into how other writers make it work for them, like setting aside time to write, or making themselves write even when they don’t have any “ideas.”  I’m reminded of the quote, “Writing is easy; all you have to do is stare at a blank piece of paper until little drops of blood form on your forehead.”  – Gene Fowler
  4. Be excited about writing and learning new tools to use with the blog!