A Year of Spiritual Writing: November 2014

 I have the great pleasure of writing to you from the Storyline Conference in Chicago, IL. Where do I start with all of the analyzing, advice, encouragement, guidance, wisdom, mentoring, and hugs I’ve received in these last three days? (Yes – even hugs from strangers who became fast friends in a thirty minute lunch break!) Part of me tears up because I cannot share with you everything I learned in this conference about life, learning from others, and Jesus Christ’s redeeming love in this bit of space I get – oh and storywriting, that too. Instead, I’m going to attempt to tell you the novella of this epic of an experience.
  The mantra of the Storyline Conference is that “Your Story Matters”; it’s worth sharing so other people can have a “me too” connection, and in sharing our past, present, and future, we can really start to live better stories.

The living great stories is the heart of the Storyline concept. Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, creator of Storyline and its concepts, stresses that we all have the potential to live great stories just like our favorite heroes, whether those be like Esther, Moses, Joseph or Luke and Leia in Star Wars. In our story, we are the main character and we “need to know who we are, what we want, what conflict we will need to engage and then we must take action.” Wow, I first thought. Who I am? Uh. Hi, my name is Kristel Morris. You can call me KrisTALL, if that helps you remember WHO I AM. No, actually, there’s a better way to figure this all out. Miller elaborates, “live a page-turner of a life that is unique to you. Life can be full of meaning. Live with passion. I can’t believe God would give me a life to give ONLY mostly of myself.” Likewise, stop comparing yourself to others was another bell that ceremoniously rang throughout the conference, and many times I felt like it was speaking just to me. You may be at the stage in your life where “figuring out who you are” is checked-off on your bucket
list or you are still following the treasure map, but my guess is that it is the latter. Above all answering “who did God wire me to be?” at least with a couple bullet points is a start.

I’m going to do the worst thing for English teachers to see, and mine would be ashamed of me. I’m going to only address characters knowing who they are, and not the rest of what characters do for their stories. I honestly, truly feel that I will be sharing more with you about this and I don’t want to reveal all just yet. In closing, I now know that we all have stories. We might not all want to write about them, but God wants you to share yours. Bob Goff, author of Love Does, put it this way, “Jesus didn’t play it safe. We’re not trying to get safer – we’re trying to get better.” Who may get better because of your story?


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