A Year of Spiritual Writing: September 2014

I was watching my girls jumping on our trampoline, the youngest playfully chasing the oldest, both giggling as little girls do. The late afternoon sun caressed the tops of their heads, highlighting the slight red they inherited from me, my mom, my grandmother. Then they collapsed in a bounce and were tangled in hugs, but all the while happy, still enjoying the other’s company.
This moment reminded me of growing up with my sister, the joyful times, the silly times, the times we even needed the other for comfort and support. It also reminded me of my sister-in-law, Brooke, for her generosity. If she and my brother-in-law Jarod hadn’t given us the trampoline, and thought about our children using it, this memory would be obsolete.
I know, however, that not everyone has had a sister to experience these kinds of memories. How lucky we all are to have our Sisters in Christ then! This September and for much of the Fall Quarter, we will have many chances to strengthen ourselves in who we are supposed to be as these sisters.
We have a wonderful opportunity to learn how to best minister to them, both within the church and in our community, on Wednesday nights; Tuesday Ladies’ Bible Class will focus on slowing down; there are celebration events for Highway 80 Rescue Mission Women’s and Children’s; and we have several more get-together events for all-aged sisters!
Please don’t miss out on gathering together with us. You are important, we love you, and Jesus loves you!


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