America Needs a Moderate President

According to an article by Jill Lawrence, Senior Consultant for Politics Daily.Com, moderates make up 47% of voters, with 33% claiming the Republican party and 20% claiming the Democrat party.  At first, I was quite shocked that so little voters claim the Democrat party considering America today seems so liberal.  I have always claimed to be a right-winger based on my religious views, but I am having a hard time with the 10% unemployment rate staying true to the red elephant.

Mr. Obama held his special report today and I actually managed to catch it.  I find myself strongly agreeing with his economic plans of taxing the rich so that we in the middle can actually survive.  Yet, my strong stances on anti-abortion and upholding marriage for a man and woman only conflict.  I am more apt to choose my religious views over any wordly views, which in my opinion includes economics and other politics.  I don’t understand how so many people can claim moderate, but that we then have to choose from two parties so strongly against one another.

I’m already tired of hearing about who is going against who in the GOP.  I skimmed Time Magazine’s bracket that we could fill in and send to the weekly publication.  I want to know who is running that will actually start to represent the people?  Why, in this case, does the majority not rule?